Nominations of Office Bearers 2018 AGM Election

Friday, November 23, 2018 - 9:40 AM



Nominations of Office Bearers 2018 AGM Election

The following nomination for President (one vacant position) was received from:

Neale Fong

Proposed by:  Ross Kelly; Seconded by:  Peter Cutler



The following nominations for Club Director (six vacant positions) were received from (in alphabetical order):

Jim Caffieri

Proposed by:  Brett Raponi; Seconded by:  Peter Kambouris

Peter Cutler

Proposed by:  Sam Modica; Seconded by:  Bill Spittles

Ross Kelly

Proposed by:  Dennis Cometti; Seconded by:  Leith Kelly

Sam Modica

Proposed by:  Peter Cutler; Seconded by:  Bill Spittles

Paul Murray

Proposed by:  Joe Scarfo; Seconded by:  Brett Raponi

Brett Raponi

Proposed by:  Peter Collier; Seconded by:  David Elsegood

As only one nomination for the vacant President position and six nominations for the six vacant Club Director positions were received, the nominees will be declared elected unopposed at the AGM being held at 7pm, Wednesday 12 December 2018.

Linda Hamersley

Chief Executive Officer