Colts 2019 Pre-Season Trials Announcement

Friday, November 2, 2018 - 10:17 AM


Congratulations to the following players for being selected to participate in the West Perth Pre- season Training/Trials Squad for the 2019 Simply Energy WAFL Colts season. 

This is a fantastic accomplishment and with over 500 participants in these age groups playing at Community Clubs throughout the West Perth District it’s a great achievement to have been identified at this level.

A further congratulations also to all our local Clubs who continue to produce outstanding talent  year after year.

The West Perth Colts program focuses on developing players, both on and off the field. Our aim is twofold, that whenever you leave this program you are a better footballer, and a better person.

At this time of the year everyone is hopeful and enthusiastic of the opportunities that lay before them, however, it is mindful to remember that this is an elite program for the best football talent within the West Perth District.  You are entering a highly competitive environment.

                            "BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE”      

 The statistics from previous years reflect that competitiveness.  We began with 102 players in   November     of 2017 and by season’s start the squad had been reduced to 50 (including 6x PSA   and 6x     Country/Regional based players).  On average we play 40 players in a season with the   majority of games  being played by 18-year-olds.

 We look forward to seeing you all at the first day of pre-season beginning in late-November.

 All the players listed below should have received their letters in the mail, please follow the   instructions carefully and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

 Carn West!                                                                                                         


19 Year Olds

Brody Kenney 14-Jan-00 ORJFC
Thomas Menaglio 13-Apr-00 Aquinas
Zak Patterson 05-Jul-00 JKJFC
Lachlan Scurria 12-Jul-00 Whitford
Treak Nannup 16-Jul-00 Quinns
Callum Taylor 16-Jul-00 Merredin
Aravinda Cohen 06-Aug-00 Wanneroo
Mitchell Creer 17-Aug-00 WGJFC
Ewan Brazier 26-Aug-00 ORAFC
Daniel Rowe 05-Sep-00 Whitford
Taj O'Hayon 26-Sep-00 Whitford
Mackenzie Brown 17-Oct-00 Hyden
Koopah Todd 20-Oct-00 Wanneroo
Michael Luplau 15-Nov-00 Whitford
Jack  Dixon 25-Nov-00 Merredin
Jack Kermode 04-Dec-00 WGJFC

18 Year Olds

Craig                    Farmer     01-Jan-01            Merredin
Dylan Hayden 01-Jan-01 Merredin
Keegan Finn 02-Jan-01 ORAFC
Tyron Hindmarsh 09-Jan-01 ORAFC
Ryan Hudson 16-Jan-01 Kalannie/Scotch
Liam Martin 19-Jan-01 ORJFC
Adam Gerritsen 08-Feb-01 Wanneroo
Jay Cutler 02-Mar-01 Whitford
Ben Johnson 06-Mar-01 Whitford
Travis Vickers 16-Mar-01 ORAFC
Henry Ryan 23-Mar-01 SDJFC
Travis Pool 29-Mar-01 Kondinin
Joshua Watkins 21-Apr-01 Wanneroo
Harm Bastick 24-Apr-01 Yanchep
Taylor Ashworth 02-May-01 ORAFC
Nazifi Muhammad Noh 10-May-01 Quinns
Cooper Creek 14-May-01 Nungarin
Lachlan Gardiner 19-May-01 NBAFC
Jaxon Prior 04-Jun-01 SDJFC
Kallum Erikson 05-Jun-01 Quinns
Jackson Lake 21-Jun-01 SDJFC
Matthew  O'Brien 02-Jul-01 JKJFC
Tyler James 22-Jul-01 Quinns
Jack Downsborough 25-Jul-01 Burracoppin
Brady Alvaro 05-Aug-01 Merredin/Aquinas
Tom Prosser 07-Aug-01 SDJFC/Hale
Connor Johnson 08-Aug-01 Whitford
Blake  Monaghan 08-Aug-01 Whitford
Simon  Homsany 14-Aug-01 Trinity
Lachlan Rewell 16-Aug-01 Whitford
Wyatt Siakia 21-Aug-01 Quinns
Charlie Newport 13-Sep-01 Whitford
Jessie Turcato 01-Oct-01 Whitford
Callum Johnson 11-Oct-01 Whitford
Ben Lewis 15-Oct-01 Quinns
Brayden Smith 02-Nov-01 JKJFC
Jacob Kitching 10-Nov-01 Whitford
Reegan Jackson 18-Dec-01 Whitford
Connor Hinchcliffe 27-Dec-01 ORJFC

17 Year Olds

Darcy                        Dixon                       01-Jan-02                 Merredin
Thomas Foss 01-Jan-02 Merredin
Cooper Schulz 04-Jan-02 Whitford
Rohan Scurria 09-Jan-02 Whitford
Corey Rundle 12-Jan-02 Whitford
Michael Mallard 15-Jan-02 Wanneroo
Jack Lawson 24-Jan-02 Wanneroo
Maeson King 29-Jan-02 ORJFC
Heath Chapman 31-Jan-02 JKJFC
Samuel O'Boyle 03-Feb-02 JKJFC
Tyler Fraser 06-Feb-02 Whitford
Phillip Farmer 15-Feb-02 Quinns
Brock Lewis 17-Feb-02 Wanneroo
Zarne Bobis 17-Feb-02 Quinns
Josh Kinnersly 21-Feb-02 Brighton
Connor Klemke 14-Mar-02 Brighton
Kaible Bailey 19-Mar-02 Brighton
Conail McCarthy 21-Mar-02 JKJFC
Lachie McLeod 28-Mar-02 NBJFC
Billy  Harris 28-Mar-02 Quinns
Riley Carr 29-Mar-02 Quinns
Kieran Logan 15-Apr-02 Quinns
Kellen Johnson 19-Apr-02 JKJFC/Hale
Tommy Taylor-Shreeve 04-May-02 Wanneroo
Justin Hosking 25-Jun-02 Quinns
Jordan Wild 27-Jun-02 Brighton
Cooper  Blackburn 01-Jul-02 Whitford
Jack McGahy 03-Jul-02 Quinns
Jordan Berry 06-Jul-02 Whitford
Logan Foley 11-Jul-02 ORJFC
Tyrell Nannup 30-Jul-02 Quinns
Connor Budimir 08-Aug-02 NBJFC
Riley Waters 17-Aug-02 Quinns
Blair Morris 02-Sep-02 Merredin
Thomas Settineri 06-Sep-02 Merredin
Christian Henderson 11-Sep-02 ORJFC
Matthew Hooper 20-Sep-02 Corrign/Christchurch
Luke  Reilly 01-Oct-02 Quinns
Reece Gerrand 09-Oct-02 Wanneroo
Peter Coles 10-Nov-02 Kingsley
Devlyn Narrier 05-Dec-02 Quinns
Michael Ross 09-Dec-02 ORJFC
Griffin Pope 23-Dec-02 ORJFC


Squad Profile    #   %
  Early 19-Year-Olds      2     2.1%
  Late 19-Year-Olds    14   14.8%
  Early 18-Year-Olds    21   22.3%
  Late 18-Year-Olds    15   14.8%
  17-Year-Olds    42   44.6%
  Total    94   


**Additional invites are still being considered and a second round of invites may follow