A Luncheon in Memory of Carol Bick - 28 July

Friday, July 20, 2018 - 11:27 AM

Carol Bick was the Mum of the West Perth Football Club for the best part of 40 years. If you played for West Perth you were, and would always be, one of ‘her boys.’

From the time the club moved to Joondalup, she sat in the same seat in our grandstand right above the player’s race. At every home game she would be cheering for “her boys” from the time the colts started at 9am until the league team left the field at 5pm. She made it her business to know every player who took the field in every grade, because it meant a lot to her to make each of them feel important. However, where she sat in the grandstand was exposed to the elements. When asked why she sat there, she said that she wanted the sight of her applauding them to be the last thing the players saw, win or lose, as they left the ground. She wanted them to know they had her unconditional support.

A cup of tea or a piece of cake were always on offer if you were in the vicinity of Carol. Over the years there was a regular group that sat with her. Some were parents or partners of players, some were passionate members and supporters. Many of these people have their own children now and a trip to the footy meant there would always be a special treat from Carol. She looked forward to seeing the little ones and made sure she contributed to making it a great day for them.

Carol would always tell it like it was, whether you wanted to hear it or not. She would push you to be your best and tell you if you weren’t. But at the end of it all, she would always wrap an arm around you and tell you she loved you.

Carol never played a game for West Perth. She never coached a team or held an official title. But the contribution she made to our club was enormous, her passion for the club was infectious and her impact on our culture was immeasurable.

Carol will forever be remembered by our club and now the onus is on each of us to carry forward Carol’s legacy of caring for everyone within the family.

To recognise just how important, she was to us, our home game on Saturday 28 July will be a tribute day promoted as Carol’s Day. Our luncheon will be dedicated to Carol and her family and before the game we are inviting anyone who loved Carol to join us on the oval to welcome the players onto the field.

And for one last time, the team will enter the arena through the old player’s race. Right in front of where Carol would have been sitting.

If you were one of “Carol’s boys” or just someone who has been touched by her kindness, we ask that you come along and celebrate the wonderful life of Carol Bick with her friends and family.