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2021 WPFC Major Raffle

Earlier this evening at the West Perth Football Club, prizes for our 2021 Major Raffle were drawn by two of our Senior League Players Kris Shannon and Sam Rotham. We would like to thank all those who purchased tickets in support of the raffle. Congratulations to all our lucky winners.The club will be in touch with you shortly to arrange collection of your prizes.

We are very pleased to announce the winners:

1st Prize Ticket # 3600 Mark Paris

2nd Prize Ticket # 4148 Charmaine van den Heever

3rd Prize Ticket # 1895 B Gresele

4th Prize Ticket # 3338 Ray Buttsworth

5th Prize Ticket # 2619 Judy O'Donnell

6th Prize Ticket # 1730 Carmen Stoppani

7th Prize Ticket # 2732 Edward Dufall

8th Prize Ticket # 1972 Tony Possi

9th Prize Ticket # 3558 Alex Riddoch

10th Prize Ticket # 2308 R Forrest

11th Prize Ticket # 3903 Louis Zamponga

12th Prize Ticket # 1191 Claire O'Donnell

13th prize Ticket # 1165 J Shaw

14th Prize Ticket # 1609 Jason Fazari

15th Prize Ticket # 1671 L Richards