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Delta Lithium backs West Perth’s WAFLW players

Thursday, November 23, 2023 - 10:00 AM

In an exciting development for the West Perth Football Club's Female Football Program, Delta Lithium's transformative financial investment has already begun making waves.  

The first wave of this game-changing support has been directed towards covering the costs of all WAFLW player pre-season apparel, a move that is set to significantly ease the financial burden on athletes and underscore the commitment of Delta Lithium to the growth and development of women's football.  

Historically, athletes have shouldered the responsibility of funding their pre-season apparel in addition to their registration fees. However, with Delta Lithium's forward-thinking investment, the paradigm is shifting.  

Players participating in the WAFLW program will now receive their pre-season apparel at no cost, thanks to the company's commitment to removing financial barriers and ensuring that every player has access to the essential gear needed for optimal performance.  

The allocation of funds to cover the $150 cost per player for pre-season apparel is a tangible and immediate benefit that highlights Delta Lithium's dedication to making a positive impact on the everyday lives of the athletes associated with the West Perth Football Club.  

This initiative not only recognises the financial challenges faced by female athletes but also takes a proactive step towards addressing them, creating an environment where players can fully concentrate on their game.  

This move is just the tip of the iceberg, as the West Perth Football Club plans to roll out additional initiatives aimed at promoting and showcasing Delta Lithium's investment throughout the season.  

By prioritising the needs of the players, the club aims to create a ripple effect that goes beyond the field, fostering a sense of community and pride among the athletes, supporters, and sponsors alike. 

As the WAFLW season approaches, the impact of Delta Lithium's investment is poised to extend far beyond the realm of financial support. It symbolises a collaborative effort between corporate entities and grassroots sports, demonstrating how partnerships can elevate the entire sporting experience for athletes and fans alike.  

The West Perth Football Club will shift Delta Lithium’s investment to player payments in 2025, as the WAFC recently made the decision to introduce WAFLW player payments for that season.  

The West Perth Football Club's Female Football Program, powered by Delta Lithium's support, is not just making history; it's setting a new standard for inclusivity and support in Australian Rules Football.