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Falcons Welcome Home a Club Star

Thursday, June 9, 2022 - 3:55 PM

In a highly emotional day for all concerned, the West Perth Football Club warmly welcomed back Danielle Laidley and her partner Donna Leckie at the President’s Luncheon before the Derby last Monday. Danielle made her debut for the club in 1984 and after playing 49 games for the club, was an inaugural West Coast Eagle in 1987, before a premiership in 1996 and coaching 149 senior games at North Melbourne. Club President Dr Neale Fong stated, ”It was a thrill that Dani, who I played with under John Wynne in 1984/85, has returned to the club where she started her wonderful career. Dani was always known as a courageous player and her journey over the past few years has been equally courageous and inspiring”.


The President presented Dani and Donna with club scarfs and the whole room of 285 people there to celebrate Bill Dempsey’s upcoming Hall of Fame Induction, gave them a moving welcome home. Fong reminded the members that our club mantra is “proud to belong” and that the diversity of our community and the desire for inclusion is something  we are building at the Falcons Family. Laidley was swamped by members throughout the day and was down in the players room after the Falcons claimed victory over the archenemy, the Royals.