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Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 12:34 PM

Dear members

WPFC has been forced by the WAFC to move our game forward one hour due to the WAFL  contract with Channel 7 who wish to televise our game. This is an all of WAFL contract which allows Channel 7 to move game starts and dates around to maximise their audience.  Please note the WPFC did not support this but went with the majority decision.

We encourage all our fans and members, South Fremantle supporters  and ALL WAFL supporters to attend the game and support WAFL football rather than watching it on TV.

It will be a  great contest between two fantastic WAFL clubs in great form.

New times below

Colts- 810 am

Reserves 1040 am

League 110 pm

Please note our luncheon will now run from 1100 am -100 pm. Tickets are still available.

Joe McCarthy