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5 from 5 for Rogers Cup

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 4:39 PM

If last week was the test, then surely this week’s game against the Rogers Cup powerhouse, Peel Thunder was the Exam, the players have prepared well this season after a very condensed and thrown together 2020. 
It all culminated on Sunday afternoon in 35-degree heat, when this group of super committed players were able to wear down and eventually overcome Peel taking out an enthralling battle by 4 points 5.6 (36) to 5.2 (32) and maintain their unbeaten start to the season.

The game opened at breakneck speed with good open footy, but there was also its fair share of hard-fought contest and some big tackles all across the ground. Peel opening the scoring for the afternoon, but it was not long after that the intense pressure the Falcons forward line were dishing up created a turnover that allowed Amber Rundle to get West Perth underway. Another Peel goal late in the quarter did give them a 1 goal advantage into the first well deserved break. WP 1.1(7) to PT 2.1 (13).

West Perth was ready to put up a big showing against a club who have won 5 of the 8 Premierships and attacked with determination, just couldn’t capitalise on all the forward play and kicked several behinds, this allowed the momentum to swing back towards Peel and with some strong marks in the forward line they were able to convert and open up a handy 15-point lead. The link up plays by both sides was certainly keeping the good crowd fully engrossed in the game and when Elissa Price kicked truly as the siren sounded for the long break, the game was well and truly primed for a great second half. WP 2.4 (16) PT 4.1 (25).

The hot temperature allowed the players some extra time during the break and it certainly replenished their energy as both teams continued with the high pressure game, which forced a lot of players to just miss a mark or to grab the ball cleanly off the deck, but it was extremely entertaining and provided plenty of rebounding from two quality teams. Liliana Grassenis was one player who it doesn’t matter the situation or playing conditions she just thrives on the contest and her one touch high marking was definitely a key. The Falcons forwards were turning the heat (if it wasn’t hot enough) on the Peel backs and the weight of forward entries eventually created the first opportunity of the second half when Tarzara Kelly intercepted a quick kick from the backline, 20 metres out and goaled reducing the margin down to 3. West Perth was then able to open the game up a bit and Megan Norbury’s pace certainly helped as she consistently found herself in the open and one of those occasions she switched perfectly into the middle to Kayla van den Heever who found Jeevna Heer out wider, she kicked deep towards the pocket where Elissa ran onto the loose ball, which forced the Thunder backline player to give away a free which Elissa put through, had it not been for another late Peel goal the Falcons would have turned for home in front, but they were at least within a kick.

Peel had an early clearance, but we’ve learned if Liliana doesn’t stop you Emma Lilford will and when they rebounded and found Caitlin Thomas who used her speed to great effect and delivered to Chloe Shearing, who goaled after a push out, the Falcons had hit the front for the first time. If you didn’t think the game could rise any further, you would certainly be wrong, with 4 points on the line both teams tackling went up a level if not two, especially when lightly framed Sharni Jaschinsky grabbed the ball and ran full on at a much larger opponent, was knocked down, but bounced straight up to cause the turnover back in her favour. With the ball swinging quickly between the arcs the tension from everyone was electric and when the siren sounded West Perth had prevailed in one of the best ever Rogers Cup games.