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Womens Reserves Round 5 Wrap Up

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 4:37 PM

Every now and then you play a game where you simply have to chuck it in the falcon hell bucket and move on. Last Sunday’s encounter against Peel was this game. We mounted a valiant come back after shuffling the line-up in the second half, but Peel’s strong start still propelled them over the finish line to a 12-point win.


The game took place in conditions more reminiscent of a Nelly banger, it wasso hot out there. The temperature proved bothersome for our Reserves in the first quarter, who found themselves on the back foot immediately and wrestling to regain control. Fortunately, our experienced backline fought hard to limit the Thunder’s torrent with Tiahna Scandrett laying fierce tackles and Holly Williams taking strong marks. Dixie Corcoran’s clearing kicks also provided much needed relief for the backline, but eventually Peel still broke through for a goal.


We weren’t able to make the most of the first clearance of the second quarter, with Peel punishing us for our inaccuracy. Tracy Gallagher hustled to win the next centre clearance, delivering to Kristen Jayasuria on the lead. Jayasuria wheeled around for goals but pulled the ball slightly to the left for a point, and Peel took advantage of a speedy rebound to put their third on the board. Speaking of threes, Alison Blanchard grew extra arms and legs to foil the Thunder’s next forward foray outsmarting three opponents and halting any further advance on the scoreboard. From there, season debutante, Sarah Henderson, and all-rounder, Jaymee Duke, worked hard to provide Zoe Jones with an opportunity to hit the big sticks, but Duke took that honour after nailing a set shot from a soaring mark she’d taken at the back of a pack. 


After the half time confab, we came out with a more attacking mindset, driven again by the lethal combination of Henderson and Duke. Both players peppered goals but it was their work to get the ball through to Zoe Jones that finally led to another six-points. Duke was involved in a further goal when she delivered a slick handball to Courtney Collard whose reliable right foot snapped it through. The tide hadn’t fully turned though and our backline stood tall under some late pressure from Peel. Many times this season our defensive structures have been put to the test, and many times this season our defensive players have proven how exceptionally composed and resilient they can be. By the end of the third quarter we’d made up much needed ground and were in with a chance.


Unfortunately, despite our third quarter efforts, the Reserves went into the last quarter down by 12 points and ended the last quarter down by 12 points. The lack of movement on the scoreboard didn’t reflect our level of effort though. Cameron Dawson continued to work tirelessly to ruck the ball to Erin O’Brien who drove it forward to our advantage many a time. At the other end of the oval, Trish Medwin and Dixie Corcoran saved our percentage using their safe hands to take crucial intercept marks. Ilah Lennon also got in on the action laying a bump on her opponent that sent them into the next century where hopefully the AFL/AFLW pay gap doesn’t exist. For her part, Lennon carried on unperturbed, not unlike Winston Churchill during The Blitz, minus the extra pounds. 


Speaking of weight and not threes, our Women’s Reserves team wore the weight of this loss heavily, having been reminded that pre-game confidence is no indicator of post-game success, and what matters is how hard you go at it for four full quarters. The players will be taking this sentiment with them into their Round 6 match against South Fremantle at Fremantle Community Bank Oval on Sunday at 11.