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Round 4 Rogers Cup Wrap Up

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 3:35 PM

Our young Falcons headed into Round 4 with a 3-0 record and were ready for the first real test of the season against a Claremont Tigers side that made it to the preliminary finals last year and the game certainly played out that way initially. Both teams were feeling each other out with big tackles, lots of turnovers, but no scoring, in fact it was 14 minutes into an 18 minute quarter before Caitlin Thomas broke the silence on the scoreboard by running onto a loose ball and kicking truly for a goal. 

The highlight was the high intensity the game was being played at, yet West Perth were able to extend the lead when Jasmine Kolodynski, playing her first game of the season after overcoming a foot injury, literally stole the ball from the Claremont defence kicked long deep to the goals where Holly Morris grabbed on the behind line avoided a couple of tackles to slot the second of a great hard fought quarter. West Perth 2.0 (12) to Claremont 0.0 (0).

The script in the second quarter was very much the same, although when Chanel Scott took a good contested mark 20 metres in front of goal just 5 minutes in. There was plenty of pressure and quick possessions in the ensuing minutes, where the umpires were probably getting more possessions then the players with the amount of stoppages. 

Unfortunate for the Tigers, a 50 metre penalty after an out of bounds free on centre wing, which speedster Megan Norbury took full advantage of by sprinting off and inside 50 to then kick to the goal square, where another stoppage occurred and the ever creative Tarzara Kelly grabbed out of the pack quick snap and goal, so at the half the Falcons were standing up to the pressure and taking advantage of opportunities to lead 4.0 (24) to Claremont 0.1 (1).

After the long break, the question would again be asked if West Perth could continue to hold up, and when Mahli Turland kicked in from the half forward flank and Chanel Scott took another trademark strong mark and then converted, the game was slipping away from the Tigers. Jess Roper who has moved further into defence this season was showing why, when her continual runs from either the goal square or deep in defence continually ignited the attacks forward, and when the ball came in high it was Liliana Grassenis and Emma Lilford who were just impassable. And if Claremont did manage to break the wall, it was the cool head of Tayla Anthony who then repelled them straight away.

Another young speedster in Sharni Jaschinsky was a great link player whose was continually getting the ball from the back of the centre square and driving it well forward forcing the ball into the Falcons forward 50, one of those occasions Caitlin Thomas was on the end of one, who then kicked deep to the pocket where Jasmine Kolodynski scabbled hard to get it out to Tarazara for her second.

Claremont did manage to get a major 12 minutes into the quarter, but Amber Rundle returned fire shortly after when she was all alone at the top of the fifty, took a few more steps and fired from long range to kick truly for the teams 7thgoal and an accurate scoreline 7.0 (42) to Tigers 1.2 (8).

A feature of the 2021 Falcons is playing out four full quarters and while the last only produced 1 single scoring shot for each of the teams , the contest was still playing at a high level, it was just the defences of both teams that were holding up

In the end the test was put to West Perth and they answered strongly by knocking over Claremont in an epic tough encounter by 29 points and advanced the season record to 4-0 and a taste of the top of the ladder. 7.1 (43) to Claremont 2.2 (14).