Volunteering @ Pre-season Camp

Monday, February 22, 2021 - 10:27 AM


West Perth FC rallies to help one of our own. 

The Club held its annual pre-season camp this weekend in York at the Gilba Downs Farm. Devastated by the recent bushfires in January our senior playing group and coaches headed to camp and on a mission to help with the rebuild of Matt and Karly Guadagnin’s farm as well as neighbouring farm owned by Glen and Kay Davies.

After arriving and setting up camp at 7am on Saturday morning the players headed to the top of a paddock where Matt and Glen shared stories of how the fire swept through the area, the efforts of the fire fighters, the volunteers and everyone in the community as they rallied to try and save homes, machinery and live stock from the fires path.

Inspired by the stories our men worked tirelessly over the course of the day to help remove over 8 kilometres of fencing across two farms that were significantly damaged during the fires.

Additionally, and under the leadership and generosity of Dylan Yem from West Perth Trees who donated his expertise, chainsaws and other tools and machinery the players were able to clear a significant number of fallen trees that had damaged fence lines around the boundary fences.



 In all over 600 hours of volunteer work by our men made a positive difference to help   Matt and Karly as well as their neighbours Glen and Kay get back on their feet.                       


Coach Valentine was extremely proud of the efforts of everyone.

“The spirit and teamwork the players and coaches displayed to help Matt and his family was outstanding and after the years of service Matt has given to the Club it was pleasing that our Player Group wanted to give back to one of our own in their time of need”.