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BGC Housing Group partners with WPFC to support Indigenous Women's Program

Friday, June 19, 2020 - 10:17 AM










BGC Housing Group partners with West Perth Football Club to support Indigenous Women’s Program

BGC Housing Group is proud to announce a 3-year partnership with the West Perth Football Club Women’s Indigenous Program, as well as a 1-year Guernsey sponsorship.

The invaluable Indigenous Program offers talented indigenous women the opportunity to pursue a career in football, creating a huge number of positive benefits for the players, club and community as a whole.

BGC Housing Group’s 3-year partnership with West Perth Football Club will cover club fees, uniforms, events, coaching, development and strength conditioning for players, and provide access to elite AFLW coaching resources.

“It is my understanding that this is the first partnership of its kind in Western Australia. I am firmly of the view that big business has a corporate responsibility to support community initiatives, and I am extremely proud that BGC Housing Group is involved in such a ground-breaking partnership,” said Michael Bartier, Executive General Manager of BGC Housing Group.

The partnership will afford incredible opportunities for indigenous women, helping to promote positive self-esteem, social interactions and create positive feelings of control.

There are a number of mental health benefits associated with being part of a team sport, which may also lead to longer-term health benefits for indigenous players.

By sponsoring the West Perth Football Club Women’s Indigenous Program, BGC Housing Group is giving talented footballers the chance to shine. Without this opportunity, many AFL indigenous players would not be able to access the playing fees required, with many government support programs no longer covering the costs of participation in team sports once individuals turn 18 years old.

West Perth Football Club player Courtney Collard said this partnership will change the lives of many Indigenous women who are looking to pursue a career in football.

“This partnership with BGC Housing Group is a new beginning of a new and exciting chapter for all Indigenous women players at West Perth.” said Ms Collard.

“This enables the players to enjoy football without that financial difficulty, by breaking down that barrier this gives the women an opportunity to grow and further their career towards AFLW.” With AFLW continuing to enjoy strong growth and support as more and more women and supporters join forces both on and off the field, being part of such an important growing chapter ofwomen’s AFL history in WA is extraordinarily inspiring.

“Together, we have a genuine opportunity to lead the construction industry in the empowerment and development of female talent in Western Australia, and clearly show that there is no role in our industry in which women cannot excel,” said Michael Bartier.