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Green Clubs

Football clubs have been among the first to experience the impacts of climate change. Prolonged years of drought have affected playing surfaces around the country and in some cases these have become unusable. Water has become scarcer and more expensive. In some parts of the country regular floods have stopped play for long stretches as the clean up and repairs to infrastructure take time.

Extreme weather events such as heatwaves and severe storms are predicted to continue, and if anything, get worse. This will affect many aspects of club management from the costs of utilities and other resources to ensuring a safe playing environment.

Local communities and club members are starting to ask what clubs can do to respond to environmental issues such as climate change and what cluns can do to reduce their environmental impact.

Football clubs need to both adapt to new conditions and become more sustainable. This does not just mean saving water, but also reducing energy use and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

With these new challenges come very exciting opportunities to save money; improve grounds and infrastructure; and show community leadership on an issue affecting us all.

So, what is YOUR club doing to be environmentally sustainable?

Green Clubs is a new accreditation element that has been added to the existing Quality Club program. This element is now part of the requirements for clubs to gain Silver or Gold level accreditation.

The focus of Green Clubs is environmental sustainability.  

In the Green Clubs module you’ll find all the information, advice and tools that you need to ensure your club achieves the highest levels of excellence in environmental sustainability including:

  • How your club can save resources and save money
  • How your club can build reputation and demonstrate leadership through your commitment to the environment
  • How your club can find support for your environmental initiatives including building a stronger partnership with your local council

AFL Green Clubs Module

Green Clubs Accreditation

The Green Clubs module of the Club Management Program includes all of the information, advice and tools you need to achieve your Silver and Gold accreditation.

To successfully gain this level of accreditation:

Bronze Level

You have taken the first step by thinking about environmental initiatives that your club has already undertaken or implemented and/or accessed the Green Clubs module to get some ideas for what the next steps could be.

Silver Level

Gold Level

You have completed and /or made significant progress on most of the actions listed in your Silver level Green Club Action Plan, and included some more ambitious actions.

You can clearly demonstrate reductions in energy and water use and waste to landfill since you completed your first Green Club Environmental Assessment for Silver accreditation.

Your club may be audited under the Quality Clubs program to verify the information you have provided as part of your Silver and Gold level accreditation.

Green Clubs is supported by the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency: