Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 5:22 PM

After three months of strong debate and negotiation the nonaligned WAFL clubs (of which WPFC are one) finally agreed to terms and conditions for the WAFL competition in 2013 and 2014.

I wish to remind you all that this was not West Perth’s preferred outcome. We believed and had made the point strongly on a numerous occasions that the WAFL competition would be better served with out the influence of the host clubs or stand-alone teams from the two WA based AFL clubs.

A host of logistical and statistical information was used to support our case. This information was provided by extremely knowledgeable club delegates including Chief Executive Officer’s, Club Treasurers, Football Managers and Coaches.

At the end of the day the decision to introduce host clubs was taken out of the WAFL club’s hands. The WAFC approved the constant requests from the WCE and FFC to have all their players play at one club.

I am pleased to announce however that the deal negotiated will see West Perth (and all nonaligned clubs) receive an additional $140,000 cash per annual plus CPI for the next five years beginning 2014.

The WAFC will also pay an additional $10,000 per annum to a newly established “WAFL Competition Fund.”

Other notable changes include:

  • Should any player from WPFC be Rookie listed in the 2013 draft and beyond to WCE or FFC then a draft payment of $15,000 will be made to WPFC
  • $7,000 payment for 2013 from the WAFC for the now defunct reverse order preseason draft.
  • East Perth and Peel will not be able to recruit players from outside their District for the 2014 season.
  • EP and Peel will have their salary cap reduced by $75,000
  • WCE and FFC to sign Statuary Declarations for the WAFC with reference to rules, regulations and guidelines as stipulated by the WAFC and WAFL clubs themselves.

This outcome is substantially better than the initial deal put to us back in October and then again in November and December.

Importantly and I highlight this to you all: The WAFL CEO’s will play a leading role in all decision making pertaining to our WAFL competition as we now move forward. Any reviews or changes to our competition will be driven and largely decided upon by club CEO’s.

Our disappointment at the handling of this whole affair has been stated quite clearly and acknowledged by the WAFC Chairman Frank Cooper and his fellow Commissioners.

The funding will provide a much needed cash injection to WPFC and will ensure that our club stays true to its members and supporters. It will also ensure that the WPFC will continue to deliver on our District Model meaning: WPFC give as many young men as possible the chance to play league football and the opportunity to possibly graduate to the AFL.

We must keep the mighty West Perth Football Club alive, strong and vibrant.

I urge you all to re-sign your memberships now and show your true passion and support for our great club at our first home game of the season against East Perth on Saturday March the 16th.

Brett Raponi