Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 6:00 AM

24 April 2019


Chairman of the West Perth Football Club, Dr Neale Fong announced at the Club’s Reconvened AGM
that Chief Executive Officer, Linda Hamersley has resigned, effective Friday 24 May 2019.
Dr Fong stated he was disappointed that Linda was leaving the position and thanked her for
excellent work performed in a very difficult situation. “Linda has led the club through the complex
and stressful voluntary administration situation and positioned the club to fight its way through to
financial stability once again. She has been professional and diligent, and we will miss her

Ms Hamersley stated, “Having now finalised the year-end audit and presented the 2018 financial
statements to the membership, I feel that the timing is right for me to step away from my role and
allow others to step up and continue the work to maintain the Club’s strong position within the WA
football community. Having now led the Club in securing sufficient funds to see it trading as a “going
concern”, with a sound foundation of good governance I feel comfortable that my achievements
during this period of time have played a strong role in ensuring the Club’s longer-term financial
sustainability. I would like to thank all those who provided me with support (both professionally and
personally) as the Club moved through this difficult time”.

Until a permanent replacement is found the Board has agreed that current Board director Jim
Caffieri will take on the interim CEO position. Jim was a board member from 2004-2012 and was reappointed
in September 2018. He is the managing director of QLS Caffi a successful warehousing and
logistics company in WA. The Board, interim CEO and Ms Hamersley will work to manage a smooth
handover in this leadership transition period.