We're not out of the woods ... yet

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 1:59 PM

It’s six months since a new board was appointed to put the West Perth Football Club on a firm financial footing. Our critical debt has been substantially lowered, but revenues are still not at levels which guarantee a sustainable future.

The board and staff have been involved in an intense round of meetings with the government, sporting and administrative bodies that impact the Club. One thing has become frustratingly clear. No-one is going to save our Club but us.

The board wants every member to know there is no silver bullet. We have searched for it – and it doesn’t exist. If we want our club to continue to be the oldest in the WAFL, we have to secure its future ourselves.

That means everyone who cares about our grand old flag asking their business associates and close colleagues to consider financially supporting the Club. It means sponsorships and memberships.

Almost all the WAFL clubs have financial challenges. That’s an unfortunate part of modern football. Ours are more challenging than most.

We are sure that the immediate future of our playing group looks bright. That’s the good news.

And success on the field makes our job in finding the revenues we need a lot easier.

The time to act is now. Football is almost on us again.

If your heart beats true, then dig deep and help this great club continue to turn our passionate men and women footballers into the fine citizens we all want them to be.

Call or email the Club today to tell us how you can help, or sign up to be a member at membership.westperthfc.com.au

~ Dr Neale Fong, President the Board, West Perth Football Club