How you can help!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 12:41 PM

Fight for the Falcons! Watch this video and find out from Dennis Cometti how to give now toward the Falcons' survival! #FightfortheFalcons #HeartBeatsTrue

How can you support the Club at this time?

There will be several ways our supporters and members can assist the Club at this time, including:

  • Buy a membership to the Club;
  • Support home game match days and upcoming Club events;
  • Make donations to the Club either by post, direct debit OR online. All donations should be made payable to either:

WPFC Past Players and Officials Association (Bank West, BSB 306 035, A/C 4197315)

WPFC Life Members Association (Bankwest, BSB 306 058, A/C 4197363)

Online donations: