Monday, August 7, 2017 - 3:09 PM by Darrell Kent

IN the time since 2006 that I have been doing the match day report I have always tried to write them from the perspective of a fan. Saturday was one of those days that you like to forget. After a bright start the Falcons fell right away and were beaten by 84 points by the Royals. 

After quarter-time not a lot went right but no one knows that more than the players and coaches. The reality is that it is a team down on personnel because of injury and it is a side that has been developed from within. Some class players such as Rohan Kerr and Laine Rasmussen moved on at the end of last year and there was limited recruiting with the emphasis being on developing the players from the West Perth District. 

As a result there was little margin for error and the injuries have been the difference. The side had all of our hopes up after a 7-3 start to the year but some narrow losses, inaccurate kicking and the injuries have taken their toll. The message that I am trying to give is get behind the West Perth Football Club. 

Bill Monaghan is a wonderful coach and deserves a lot of credit for the success that the Falcons have had. Football clubs have games and years that disappoint but it doesn’t detract from the efforts of the players, coaches and staff. They feel it more than the rest because I believe that we all underestimate the time and effort that they put in.

Now for the game. West Perth set the standard in the first quarter and led by 15 points at the 16-minute mark. They had six scoring shots to five in that time. The first goal went to Corey Chalmers who was rewarded for a great tackle 30m out. Trent Manzone then kicked one on the run from 50 and the Falcons were certainly up and about. 

East Perth scored its first shortly after but the lead was back out to 14 after Luke Meadows kicked, what is becoming, a trademark long bomb from outside 50. Falcons’ fans would never have suspected that this would be the last score until the 18-minute mark of the third quarter. Just before the siren the visitors kicked their second and as a result West Perth led by eight at the first change; 3.5 (23) to 2.3 (15).

There isn’t a lot to say about the next two quarters as the Falcons only score was a rushed behind midway through the third quarter. As a result at three quarter-time East Perth led by 76 points; 15.10 (100) to 3.6 (24).

West Perth has never been beaten by East Perth by over 100 points and on the run of play this looked likely to occur for the first time. Fortunately the Falcons kicked five majors in the final quarter to prevent this happening. Two went to Brayden Antonio and Aidan Lynch. Max Alexander scored the other and as a result West Perth was defeated by 84 points; 21.13 (139) to 8.7 (55).

The result will no doubt be looked at closely by the coaches and players but it is what it is. No amount of conjecture can come up with a reason. The Colts were beaten easily and the Reserves by just five points. 

Best players for the League were Aidan Lynch, Chris Keunen, Shane Nelson and Jay van Berlo. The final home game of the year next week against East Fremantle. It is members recognition day and the day for the money boxes to be dropped off at HBF Arena. They will help pay for the restoration of memorabilia at the new facility. 

Does your heart beat red and blue enough to bring in your money box?

Article by Darrell Kent

Photos by Belinda Taylor